City Manager Appoints Members to the Envision Cambridge Advisory Committee and Working Groups


The Envision Cambridge Advisory Committee, the Alewife Working Group, and the Engagement and Communications Working Group have been formed to advise City staff and a multidisciplinary team of consultants on Envision Cambridge. View the list of the Committee and Working Group members.


At later stages of the planning process, additional working groups will be formed. We anticipate working groups on topics such as climate and energy, economic development, housing, and mobility.


Meetings are open to the public and non-members are welcome to attend. Stay tuned for an announcement of the first meeting dates.


Cambridge Awarded Prestigious 5-STAR Community Rating for Sustainability STAR Community Rating


Cambridge is proud to announce that in March 2016 the City received a 5-Star rating from STAR Communities, a Washington, D.C. based non-profit organization that recognizes and certifies sustainable communities throughout North America. STAR defines a sustainable community as one that "promotes a healthy environment, a strong economy and well-being for all residents, now and for future generations." The city set a new national standard as the highest scoring community to date. View the STAR Communities results for Cambridge.


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