Planning Process

Over the next three years, Envision Cambridge will be reaching out to the community to hear about your ideas for the future of Cambridge. An inclusive and wide-reaching engagement strategy will offer many ways to hear from a wide range of voices throughout the planning process. Your voice will help shape the citywide vision that will serve as a guide for how the city changes over time.

Year 1: Creating a Bold Vision

In the first year, community ideas and input, along with planning research, will be used to identify challenges and opportunities to formulate a citywide vision, core values, and goals.

Year 2: Setting Priorities

In the second year, Envision Cambridge will delve deeper into the topic areas using scenario planning to articulate priorities, evaluate tradeoffs, and develop actionable recommendations.

Year 3: Developing an Action Plan

In the final year, we will build upon this work to create an action plan that identifies effective short-, medium-, and long-term actions to realize our shared vision. 


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