Reports and Summaries

Final Citywide Plan

Final Citywide Plan Executive Summary


Cambridge Today: Envision Cambridge’s comprehensive report on the state of the city and an interim report on the planning process.

Citywide Critical Sums Analysis [75 Mb pdf]

Alewife Critical Sums Analysis [18Mb pdf]

Draft Goals, Strategies, and Actions

(Drafts up-to-date as of June 5, 2018 unless otherwise noted.)

Draft Indicators and Targets


“What’s the Plan” Panel

2016-02-11 Whats the Plan Panel Summary

2016-02-11 What’s the Plan Panel Video Recording (YouTube)

“Ask Me About Envision Cambridge”

2016-11-18 Ask Me About Envision Cambridge Recording (YouTube)

Workshop Summaries

Citywide Listening Workshops collected summaries

2016-07-21 Alewife Visioning Workshop summary

2017-02-8 Alewife Scenarios Workshop summary

Engagement Summaries

2016-05-26 Public Participation Summary Listening Phase

2017-01-20 Public Participation Summary Visioning Phase

Alewife Focus Groups Report

2018-08-08 CET Focus Groups Summary Summer 2018

Vision and Core Values Brochure

2016-11-22 Brochure – English

አማርኛ / Amarɨñña (Amharic)

عَرَبِيّ / ʻarabiyy (Arabic)

বাংলা / Bangla (Bengali)

简化字 / jiǎnhuàzì (Simplified Chinese)

kreyòl (Haitian Creole)

español (Spanish)

City View Articles

“Engaging Our Community in Planning the Future” City View, Winter 2015 [1 Mb pdf]