Street Team Engagement Strategies

An integral part of the Envision Cambridge engagement process involves on-the-ground activities led by our Street Team. These strategies aim to gather the feedback of community members in an interactive and hands-on manner. These activities include:

The Mobile Engagement Station

The Mobile Engagement Station is a large, interactive table shaped like the City of Cambridge. On its surface is a printed map that community members can write or draw on with markers to give feedback on places in the city. It also features a 3D model showing buildings in the city. View data collected from the Mobile Engagement Station

Cambridge Streets

Cambridge Streets is an interactive game that allows participants to choose different street features (parking, bike lanes, etc.) and visualize trade-offs between choices.

Cambridge Corridors

Cambridge Corridors is an interactive way to envision how different land uses and building heights affect the city’s corridors, like Mass Ave and Cambridge Street.